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SIMATIC Automation Tool

The easy support for commissioning, maintenance and service

Machine manufacturers and plant operators are facing the challenge of customizing their machines and plants relatively easily and keeping them up-to-date. The different life stages of commissioning, maintenance and service bring with them special requirements or tasks that have to be managed and for which the SIMATIC Automation Tool can offer optimal support.

The SIMATIC Automation Tool enables users to manage TIA automation components during commissioning, maintenance tasks and in case of service. What makes the SIMATIC Automation Tool special is that it is based on the TIA Portal projects but that the individual tasks can be executed independently of the engineering framework; this makes it the perfect addition for commissioning, maintenance and service.

Starting with version 3.1 of SIMATIC Automation Tool it is possible to manage all failsafe control families S7-1200F, S7-1500F as well as ET 200SP Failsafe and ET 200pro Failsafe  based on S7-1500.
In addition to firmware updates you can now download complete F projects.


SIMATIC Automation Tool


A typical example of using the SIMATIC Automation Tool in the commissioning phase is exporting/downloading projects and customizing IP addresses by means of bulk operation to a large number of identical control cabinets as is usually the case for large solar parks.


If updates and optimizations have to be performed during operation due to changed mechanical configurations or program changes, the SIMATIC Automation Tool lets maintenance personnel make these adjustments without the TIA Portal. If loss of production and downtimes play a crucial role, the last executable version of a plant can be exported with the SIMATIC Automation Tool before changes are made to the plant; it can then be accessed again in case of error.


In case of service, the SIMATIC Automation Tool offers a number of functionalities to get a quick and easy overview of the reachable and installed automation components with the respective versions (firmware, serial number, etc.) and to archive them for revisions.

An API enables users to integrate the functionalities of the SIMATIC Automation Tool into an automatic process.

Supported product families

  • SIMATIC S7-1200 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC S7-1500 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC ET 200 (Standard and Failsafe)

  • SIMATIC HMI Basic/Comfort/Mobile Panels

  • SITOP power supplies

  • Identification systems RFID


SIMATIC Automation Tool is available in two different variants:

  • Version for regular ordering with unlimited functionality with the Article No.:
    6ES7853-1AE03-0YA5 (Software and License Key for download)

  • 21 day trial license Version for download via > Industry Online Support

  • SIMATIC Automation Tool SDK 6ES7853-1AE03-0AG8
    The SIMATIC Automation Tool Software Development Kit (SDK) enables users to create an application using the SIMATIC Automation Tool Application Programming Interface (API) as a separate installation setup. These customer applications can be distributed to third parties including the API software in order to perform a variety of device automation tasks efficiently. Users do not need a license key to apply the custom applications.