SIMATIC Version Cross Manager

Comparison of versions


What details have changed from one archive version of a project to the next version?

The Version Cross Manager compares objects and their attributes that are grouped hierarchically or can be mapped to a tree structure. The Version Cross Manager displays the differences in graphical form. This becomes necessary, for instance, after acceptance by the customer, the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV) or FDA representatives.

SIMATIC Version Cross Manager

The SIMATIC Version Cross Manager is a user-friendly tool for determining the differences between various versions of individual projects or multi-projects by:

  • Tracing missing, additional or differing objects by comparing
    - Hardware configuration,
    - Communication,
    - technological hierarchy,
    - CFC-/SFC plans,
    - SFC-details,
    - block types - alarms,
    - global variables, signals and run sequences

  • Graphic display of comparison results in a combination of tree and tabular formats

  • Clear hierarchical structuring according to the technological hierarchy of the plant

  • Color-coded identification of the differences