Software for administration tasks

User administration, traceability, versioning and data management, the more complex an automation solution gets, the more important are reliable and convenient software for administration tasks.


The option package Logon serves to create access privileges for projects and libraries in STEP 7. When access protection is activated, a change log can be recorded.
With S7-Graph, S7-SCL and S7-HiGraph (from STEP 7 V5.6) in combination with the SIMATIC Logon option package, functions can be implemented that support tracking and tracing as required by the FDA.

SIMATIC Version Trail

SIMATIC Version Trail is a software package for engineering which, together with the SIMATIC Logon central user administration, can assign a version history to libraries, projects and multi-projects. SIMATIC Version Trail supports the user in uniquely identifying versions during archiving to enable them to be clearly identified later. This significantly reduces the probability of error.

SIMATIC Version Cross Manager

The Version Cross Manager compares objects and their attributes that are grouped hierarchically or can be mapped to a tree structure. The Version Cross Manager displays the differences in graphical form. This becomes necessary, for instance, after acceptance by the customer,  the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV) or FDA certificators.