The task: enhancing oil and gas recovery in challenging environments

The future of oil and gas recovery involves accessing increasingly complex reserves frequently located in deep and ultra-deep waters. Subsea processing opens the door to more cost-efficient developments – especially for long step-outs, and for marginal and dispersed fields. It requires enabling systems to improve recovery rates and minimize operating costs. Furthermore, it involves advanced supporting power supply and distribution technology.

Our goal: making subsea field developments technologically and economically viable

Our subsea products and systems portfolio covers a broad spectrum of applications. Going far beyond power and distribution, it comprises everything from pioneering technologies for subsea control and surveillance to exemplary service and support based on extensive marinization expertise. As a result, we are able to provide answers over the entire life of the field.

Our offer: products, systems and lifecycle services for oil and gas developments on the seabed

The reliable Tronic line of DigiTRON, SpecTRON, DigiTRONf, and ElecTRON products provides electrical and fiber-optic connector systems for subsea power and communications.

DigiTRON - Controls & Instrumentation Connectors

Siemens Subsea Connector DigiTRON

Subsea Connectors used for Controls & Instrumentation Applications

The DigiTRON range of connectors provides world leading trusted quality and long lasting reliability.
DigiTRON+ and DigiTRONe are the most reliable and advanced subsea connectors used by the subsea industry to date. Qualified to operate in depths of up to 4,000 meters, a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 400,000 years and an enviable track record; The DigiTRON range of connectors are the most technically advanced and reliable subsea connectors on the market.

Siemens Subsea Connector DigiTRON3

DigiTRON3 has all the benefits you would expect from the world leader in subsea connectors. Our trusted proven track record provides quality and reliability where it’s needed most. Our new DigiTRON3 connector has an enhanced design with a voltage rating of 1.8/3 (3.6)kV. With the aim to reduce the size and quantity of connectors required for high voltage control applications this connector is perfect for long step out projects. The compact connector size reduces impact on structures and therefore reducing overall subsea costs.

SpecTRON - Subsea Medium and High Power Electrical Connector Systems

Siemens Subsea Connector SpecTRON

Subsea Medium and High Power Electrical Connector Systems

A world leading range of subsea, wet-matable medium and high power subsea electrical connector systems. SpecTRON offers the most comprehensive range of technically advanced and reliable subsea power connectors on the market. With an enviable track record and an extensive range of HV power connectors SpecTRON can be used on a wide range of subsea applications.

Siemens Subsea Connector SpecTRON
Siemens Subsea Connector SpecTRON 45

SpecTRON 45

Our SpecTRON 45 connector system has been designed to consider the difficulties our customers encounter when trying to integrate wet mateable connectors into complex subsea systems. Incorporating several innovative technologies, SpecTRON 45 provides high electrical integrity and modular design. This offers flexibility in layout for a broad range of applications, including subsea power distribution, long step outs and high current systems. Key benefits include a Common Module Interface (CMI), which is configurable to project requirements and quick connect glands for simple, reliable site termination.

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ElecTRON - Instrumentation Feedthrough Subsea Connector Systems

Siemens Subsea Connector FoeTRON
Siemens Subsea Connector ElecTRON

World leading Subsea Instrumentation Feedthrough Connector Systems

A world leading range of instrumentation feedthrough connector systems. The ElecTRON range is designed to convey electric signals from pressure and temperature sensors downhole. Qualified to a maximum working pressure of 15,000 psi, temperatures up to 149°C and rated for gas wells makes the Electron range an industry leader in providing and maintaining high integrity downhole signal continuity and reliability.

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DigiTRONf - highly reliable optical performance qualified to all key industry specifications

Siemens Subsea Connector ElecTRON
Siemens optical fiber wet mate connector DigiTRONf

Highly reliable optical performance qualified to all key industry specifications

DigiTRONf is a compact 12 way optical fiber wet mate connector, from the trusted DigiTRON range. DigiTRONf offers excellent optical performance and has been designed and qualified with a focus on reliability and quality. The 12 line connector offers excellent system flexibility and a greater degree of redundancy, allowing for less connectors being required. Qualified to the recently published SEAFOM TSD-02, DigiTRONf is a modular product which offers a complete system.

Marine Renewables - Connectors for Wave & Tidal

Siemens Subsea SpecTRON 8 Plug Connector
Siemens Subsea SpecTRON 8 Plug Connector

Subsea Connectors for Wave and Tidal Applications

Siemens Subsea Connectors understand the extreme challenges encountered during offshore installations; from high tidal flows and high sea states to harsh subsea environments. Wet mate connection systems provide the most reliable solution to meet these challenges and allow connection between the subsea cable and tidal device, wave device or subsea hub, not only quickly but safely.

A Siemens Subsea Connectors wet mate connection system will enable 3 phase power, low voltage auxiliary power and data transfer connection lines to be mated in one operation. Although the physical appearance of the connection systems may differ, dependent on the device specific application, the philosophy remains the same: an ability to provide our customers with an integrated scope of supply from the subsea export cable, via a subsea mateable connection system, to a watertight device penetration, all under a single contract.

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