Our task: provide reliable technology for safe operations

Underground gas storage facilities are an essential part of all natural gas planning and logistics. For a safe and economical operation, Siemens offers packages with integrated automation and control solutions for loading and unloading storage plants and storage tanks.

Like underground gas storage, tank farms and terminals can help reduce the impact of demand spikes – one reason why they are becoming an increasingly important energy trading tool. Siemens storage solutions can simplify tank farm and terminal operations and reduce operating costs.

Tankfarm storage

Our goal: integrated, flexible, and cost-effective storage solutions

Siemens solutions include the full scope of rotating and electrical equipment needed to operate the facility. Compressors, gas turbines and e-drives are available with a wide range of power ratings to match specific volume flows and dynamics. Siemens proven automation and control technology integrates all of these assets, ensuring maximum availability and efficiency of the complete station, and allowing fully remote-controlled operation.

Our offer: complete storage solutions

Tankfarm management system (TMS)

Transparent processes with our tankfarm management system (TMS)

Our tankfarm management system (TMS) is an integrated system, providing all functionality required for tankfarm automation and management from oil or gas transfer-in, to storage and transfer-out. Siemens technology therefore enables cost-effective, flexible, and open process execution, monitoring, and reliable data processing – throughout the entire tank farm or terminal across all its processes.

pre-packed metering technology

Metering technology, pre-packed

Siemens delivers complete metering skids for all loading, unloading and blending tasks. The packaged solutions are skid-mounted, pre-engineered and modularized. They include all technological equipment, from mechanical components to instrumentation and automation integration.

EIT solutions

Proven and certified: EIT solutions

Siemens supplies mechanical, electrical, and automation solutions for all storage and loading / unloading facilities in tank farms. Maximum availability, economical operation and return on investment are key during development, construction, and commissioning. These tried, tested, and approved components ensure perfect operability and adaptation to customer demands.

A wide range of products, systems and solutions

As a technological leader, Siemens meets all requirements in storage, tankfarms and terminals with one of the most extensive portfolios wordwide.

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