Our task: deliver process safety and high productivity

Encompassing a wide array of processes, oil refining and oil and gas processing pose a number of challenges. Economies of scale, an ongoing quest for productivity, and process safety needs are of chief concern.

Based on our diverse portfolio, Siemens is one of the few companies able to help you tackle these issues. Our portfolio comprises market-leading rotating equipment, electrical equipment, and automation solutions for refineries, gas-to-liquid and petrochemical plants.

Refining and Petrochemical Industry

Our goal: best-in-class solutions for power supply, safety and process control

Power supply solutions from Siemens guarantee an economical and dependable electrical power supply throughout the grid, from the plant’s internal power generators to the motors and other consumer terminals. Our safety systems, and our pressure relief systems management service provides answers to the industry’s specific safety requirements. With Siemens’ completely integrated distributed control systems comprising process instrumentation, advanced process control solutions and data visualization software, your plant’s processes can operate with maximum efficiency.

Our offer: productivity, efficiency, safety

Real-time monitoring with XHQ

Real-time monitoring with XHQ

XHQ simplifies reporting and eliminates errors by automating most of the data entry for business analytics and process safety. By correlating, aggregating and presenting data, it gives real-time visibility and a systematic capture of the know-how of the refineries’ workforces. Today, an estimated 20 percent of worldwide refining capacity is monitored using XHQ.

air separation

Achieving economies of scale: air separation

Air separation or air compression are the single most important parts of any GTL plant. As a leading manufacturer of rotating equipment, Siemens turbocompressors play a key role in these processes. Air compressors suck in the filtered air and compress it to the necessary pressure before it is cooled and separated into its main components, nitrogen and oxygen, along with a number of inert gases. The gas products can be compressed and fed into a pipeline network for further use.

process instrumentation and analytics

Measuring up productivity: process instrumentation and analytics

Siemens offers a comprehensive process instrumentation and gas analytics portfolio designed to provide process-relevant data directly from the heart of the plant. Thanks to the integrated process control system, this results in optimum productivity and efficiency during plant operation.

intelligent Motor Control Center (iMCC)

Intelligent Motor Control Center (iMCC)

If you´re planning to maximize the availability of your plant, our intelligent Motor Control Center (iMCC) is the solution of choice. By providing your distributed control system (DCS) with enhanced process data, it enables clear CAPEX benefits.


Maximum flexibility through robust industrial communication

Increase the efficiency of oil and gas operations by monitoring gas chromatographs via effective industrial communications based on SCALANCE X components. Thanks to the scalability and ruggedness of SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM components, you benefit from highly reliable communication and monitoring transparency for the asset management of gas chromatographs.


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