Our task: providing equipment and technology for all stages of onshore production

From wellhead to export, our oil and gas portfolio includes equipment for all stages of onshore production, including gas lift, gas treatment, export gas compression, and power supply. Dedicated compression solutions are available for dirty-gas applications, tight-gas production, and for mature fields requiring a wide operating area. Completely integrated facility automation and control systems provide for consistent operations management from the local control room to the dispatching center.

In many regions, unconventional sources of oil and gas are currently galvanizing the industry because oil and gas shales, coalbed methane, and oil sands are expected to far exceed the known conventional reserves. With Siemens as a partner, you can rely on tested and field-proven equipment for all production stages.

Onshore Production


Our goal: extending value through field redevelopment

A large number of traditional oil and gas fields are in or nearing the end phase of their lifespan. Operators around the world are therefore facing declining production and the choice to either absorb high operating expenditures or abandon their fields. Field redevelopment is the alternative. Siemens wellhead compressor solutions can substantially enhance the service life of a field’s wells recovery rate.

Our offer: flexibility, innovative technologies, proven equipment

Mobile water treatment packages

Mobility is key: mobile water treatment packages

Mobility is a key requirement in water treatment in shale-gas reservoirs. Our mobile FracTreat solutions are based on reliable system technology that makes them especially flexible and easy to implement on-site. The FracTreat mobile precipitation system combines several proven technologies into a single packaged unit for removal of heavy metals and suspended solids. These technologies include automated chemical feed systems, staged reaction and flocculation chambers, high-rate clarifiers and clearwells.

Electromagnetic heating for oil sands

Driving innovation: electromagnetic heating for oil sands

Over 40 percent of Canada’s oil production is from oil sands. However, the technologies used until now require considerable amounts of energy, pollute large volumes of water and involve the destruction of large surface areas. Siemens has improved the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process with a technology that is now ready for industrial scale deployment. Operating underground, this in-situ technique makes it possible to avoid digging up extensive areas.

Mobile wellhead compressor solution

Proven expertise: our mobile wellhead compressor solution

With an extended lifespan in mind, Siemens developed a mobile wellhead compressor solution that can be reused at a second or even third production site. To make installation, removal, transportation, and reinstallation as easy as possible, we integrated all functions into a single skid mounted assembly that provides easy access to all required interfaces.

The unit includes a fully remote-controlled oil-injected screw compressor with an electric motor drive. The mobile wellhead compressor can operate in severe ambient temperatures between -55° and +40° Celsius. With an output of 450 kW and a capacity of up to 100,000 normal cubic meters per day, this solution can extend the production life of a well that would otherwise cease production.


Significant cost reduction through high-performance communication

SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM provide reliable, high-performance communication infrastructures designed for demanding environments. Whether for wellhead monitoring, overseeing and controlling pressure pump units, or for controlling oil and gas operations via WiMAX: SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM are ideal solutions for any oil and gas application of an onshore production.


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