Our task: deliver customized one-stop solutions

Today’s offshore vessel market is extremely competitive and characterized by tight schedules. This is why the close partnership with a solution provider able to supply entire higher-level assemblies on a one-stop basis is highly advantageous.

Thanks to long-standing business partnerships with leading shipyards, naval architects, and drilling service operators, Siemens understands the needs and demands of the market – and how to deliver tailored solutions.

Our goal: reliable operation and availability

Siemens offers innovative solution packages for offshore drilling that secure reliable operation and availability. These are based on our broad expertise in electrical, instrumentation, and telecommunication (EIT), rotating equipment, and water treatment solutions as well as years of hands-on experience.

Our offer: proven technology and equipment

Energy-saving operation

Energy-saving operation

As any downtime means lost profit, assets and equipment are expected to function. Our advanced and highly efficient power supply system for dynamic positioning – the DP closed ring solution – requires fewer engines on line, consumes less fuel and emits lower emissions. It is the only class-approved solution for operating with permanently closed bus-ties.

Improving fault tolerance and uptime

Improving fault tolerance and uptime

Our new topology for the electrical system connects the generators directly to the DC bus via rectifier. There is no need for synchronization between generators and it allows load sharing. The new BlueDrive power solution can be combined with existing drilling and jacking drives and various power sources. It significantly reduces fuel, emissions, weight and size of equipment and improves fault tolerance and uptime.

Speeding up the jacking process

Speeding up the jacking process

Siemens variable-speed drives can speed up the jacking process and consequently allow for higher efficiency, time savings, cost optimization, and improved investment protection. The diagnostic system gives precise data feedback during operation, resulting in less mechanical stress. There is no need for system overrating and the power and cooling capacity can be reduced.

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Semi-submersible drilling rig Deepsea Atlantic

Drilling rig Deepsea Atlantic

Highly advanced electrical solution with complete electrical package from generator to switchboard

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