Our task: cater to the special needs of pipeline operators

Pipelines are indispensable for the safe, reliable, and efficient transportation of oil and gas and represent a fundamental lifeline for every national economy. Siemens provides the customer with integrated solutions for pipeline machinery, automation, electrical, security, and communication systems.

This enables Siemens to supply true one-stop solutions, which make a decisive contribution to the optimization of the total cost of ownership. The Siemens portfolio can provide up to 38% of CAPEX for gas pipelines and 20% for liquid pipelines.

Transcanada pipeline

Our goal: maximum performance and minimum total costs

From engineering and design to all core technologies and all the way to monitoring and control, we are there to make pipelines sustainably safe and economical. Our primary aim is to ensure maximum performance and minimum total cost of ownership throughout the entire lifecycle of a pipeline. Siemens supplies an extensive portfolio for the entire process chain of pipelines: compression and pumping, power generation and distribution, automation, telecommunications, industrial IT, safety, and lifecycle services.

Infographic: liquid pipelines

Our offer: security, efficiency, transparency


Running high: the pipeline at peak efficiency levels

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions from Siemens enable optimum pipeline control, the integration of all subsystems, and the seamless integration into superordinate (MES, MIS). This secures reliable, system-wide integration of all data, its intelligent preparation, and the optimal control of your pipeline.

Main Motors and Drives Contractor (MMDC)

Comprehensive management: our business concept “Main Motors and Drives Contractor” (MMDC)

From the first feasibility study at the outset through to commissioning, most oil and gas projects require large capital expenditures and years of project implementation. Throughout this process, the project’s progress may be impaired by multiple challenges. To manage these, Siemens has developed the MMDC concept. It is a comprehensive concept that enables us to assume responsibility for the project’s overall success – from the feasibility study through planning to the technical realization of all rotating equipment and the power supply, automation, and electric equipment.


Efficient in harsh environments: SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM

SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components ensure constant and consistent monitoring of pipeline operations by providing a reliable stream of data. Discover how you can effectively monitor pipeline status with our high-performance data communication.


From the very beginning: our wide range of products and services

Our range of products and services cover global trends and challenges throughout a pipeline project.

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