Our task: support the oil and gas industry in automating their processes

There will be more automated equipment at all stages of the oil and gas value chain in the future. From controllers and networking systems to analytics and instrumentation, Siemens offers the most comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class automation products for a nearly limitless range of oil and gas applications. These efficient, flexible, future-proof solutions are expertly engineered to meet to evolving industry challenges.

Totally Integrated Automation over the whole Production Lifecycle

Our goal: higher productivity and efficiency with Totally Integrated Automation

With Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), Siemens is the only supplier of a comprehensive, integrated range of products and systems for efficient automation of the entire production workflow. The interoperability of TIA allows you to optimize production processes, accelerate time to market, and reduce lifecycle costs.

Our offer: highest plant availability, safety for man, plant, and environment at low maintenance and service costs

SIMATIC PCS 7 process control

Everything under control: SIMATIC PCS 7 process control

A control system needs to meet different requirements. The plant operator expects process safety, efficiency, and maximum plant availability whereas the most important aspect for the system integrator is time-saving engineering to enable short project times. For the operator, it is the convenience of an intuitive user interface that is most valued. The proven Simatic PCS 7 process control system meets all these requirements.

Siemens process instrumentation

Built for extreme conditions: Siemens process instrumentation

Our technology is designed to adapt to the tough and often remote situations encountered in the oil and gas industry. Solutions such as remote-mounted transmitters, heavy-duty dust-tight enclosures and non-contacting sensors all mean that you can avoid accidents and hazardous situations.

Automation Controller

Safe, modular, and integrated: distributed I/Os

The SIMATIC ET 200iSP distributed I/O system is an economical solution for areas subject to explosion hazards as are common in oil and gas applications. Sensors and actuators can be located directly in Zones 0 and 20, and the intrinsically safe, modular I/O station mounted directly in the hazardous area eliminates the need for additional explosion-proof housing. Typically used in production facilities of the process industry, SIMATIC industrial automation solutions offer optimum integration into PCS 7.

RUGGEDCOM industrial communication

Robust industrial communcations

Reliable communications and the secure transmission of information are crtical in the oil&gas industry. SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM have been designed to provide reliable, high-performance communications networks. With SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM solutions, oil and gas producers have a comprehensive, end-to-end range of world-class network products from a single source – ensuring fully integrated network infrastructures can be deployed quickly and seamlessly.

Motor management system SIMOCODE pro

Motor management system SIMOCODE pro keeps an eye on the motor. And your system running.

At the heart of an intelligent Motor Control Center is a networked motor manager device (SIMOCODE) that is responsible for monitoring the motor and other key process variables. By providing the higher-level process control system with core operation, service and diagnostics data, SIMOCODE pro ensures comprehensive motor protection, thereby maximizing the availability of the entire plant.


Tank management and automated distribution of tank terminal Pernis

Distribution terminals Pernis

SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system