Innovative solutions

for productive and efficient ingot cutting machines, squarer machines and wire saws for the wafer production

Different machines are required for wafer production, for example, bricking machines and gluing stations One of the most important machines in the manufacturing process is the wire saw, followed by the wafer separation, wafer cleaning machines and quality testers. We offer suitable automation solutions for each production step.

Example: Wire saw application

Wire saws are used for cutting silicon blocks (ingots) into wafers for the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries. Rollers guide a wire across a wire field for sawing. The wire is moved back and forth between unwinder and winder at a speed of > 20m/s. A dancer control ensures constant wire tension.

The ingots are slowly lowered at a constant speed from the top onto the wire field and cut into wafers over several hours. The trend is toward increasingly thinner wires to minimize the cutting width and yield more wafers from the ingot. Today we mainly use diamond wire saws that offer significantly higher production speeds.

Benefits of the Siemens solution

  • High-quality production of wafers through high-precision Motion Control functionality

  • Prevention of expensive wire breaks through reliable operation even in case of short-term power failures with Smart Energy Management

  • Cost savings from efficient engineering and integrated technology functions (Drive Control Chart – DCC) in den SINAMICS S120 drives

  • Safety functions in the drive preventing complex, conventional circuits

  • Safety functions integrated directly in the drive require less space in the control cabinet

Example application for a wire saw

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