Customer-specific solutions for crystal growing systems (Czochralski process)


Crystal Growing systems are used for the production of monocrystalline Silicon. Innovative Crystal Growing solutions are possible by using of Siemens Automation & Drives Technology. A Crucible heating power supply is available and can be adapted according to the individual customer requirements.

Production machines for silicon ingots

Monocrystalline silicon Ingots are produced according to the Czochralski process, the ingot is pulled from the melt using a seed crystal. By rotating and slowly pulling the seed crystal's rod upwards - without losing contact to the melt - the solidifying silicon grows into a single crystal. The growing crystal reaches the desired diameter by a variable drawing speed with corresponding crucible temperature profile. High-precision Motion control with high accuracy is necessary to achieve a high quality of the ingot. The end product, the monocrystalline ingots, have a cylindrical shape and are the basis for the wafer production.

Benefits of the Siemens automation solution

  • High system availability due to reliable servo drive technology

  • Precise temperature and process control based on the SIMATIC S7-1500

  • Precise Motion Control functionalities for uniform growth of the ingots

  • Constant, consistent ingot quality

  • Cost-effective and economical production

Implementation of crucible heating with SIPS – Silicon Industry Power Supply

Besides the automation solution for the crucible and ingot - movement, SIEMENS also offers a solution for the crucible heating. The "SIPS" is a DC power supply suitable to be used as power supply input for crucible heating systems in the solar or semiconductor industry. The SIPS is an application-specific DC heating that can be adapted to meet customer requirements, for example, for the number and rating of the DC outputs

The SIPS meets the requirements of the monocrystalline pulling process:

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • High system availability without expensive interruptions thanks to modular and redundant design

  • High efficiency and optimal operating data even in the partial load range result in significant cost savings

  • Simplified implementation – communication via PROFIBUS / PROFINET

  • Low line harmonic distortions reduce additional operating expenditures for compensation systems

  • Long service life thanks to corrosion-free steel cooling system

Example application for crystal growing system

Products used

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