Winder technology


The winder application is the technological basis for many continuous finishing and converting processes. Moreover it provides comprehensive open-loop and closed-control functions for axis winder drives.
The application comprises modules with closed-loop control related blocks (e.g. filters and controllers) and winding-specific functions
Individual closed-loop control concepts can be implemented by adapting the blocks or by combining the basis blocks.

Function overview

  • Dancer roll position or tension control

  • Closed-loop torque or speed control

  • Diameter calculation technique with or without feedback

  • Precontrol of all of the relevant process variables

  • Parameterizable winding hardness characteristic


It includes standardized functions for winder drives and can be universally used on the following Siemens automation systems:


For high performance motion control applications with central intelligence combined with SINAMICS S120 drive systems


For applications with a PLC as central open-loop control, in which additional closed-loop process controls are implemented


For drive-based applications with process-related implementation of the closed-loop control in the SINAMICS S120 drive system using DCC (Drive Control Chart)

Additional standard applications associated with the winder application from the Converting Toolbox

Tension control


Traversing arm technology

Axis function block

Prismatic winding