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SlitterĀ and Rewinder

Scalable solutions with high control quality, precise web guidance and exact, constant web tension

The requirements

Slitting & winding at up to 150 m/min:

  • Precise processing

  • No damage to the material

  • Web widths up to 1.2 m, unwinder up to 1 m, material 75 to 150 Āµ diameter

  • Automatic cutter adjustment

  • Integration into plant network

  • Integration of system for measuring the cutting edge

Your customer benefits

  • SINAMICS DCC: Free, parameterizable and tested standard applications for winders, tension control and main drive

  • Open source code for individual adaptations to the application

  • High control quality, precise web control, precise/constant web tension due to servomotors with low torque ripple even at low tension values and low speeds

  • Scalable solutions for automation and drives engineering, for uses ranging from laboratory machines to industrial plants

  • Flexible operation using fail-safe W-LAN Mobile Panel

Our automation solution