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Punching and Slitting

Highly-precise cutting quality for punching holes from moving material lines

The requirements

Punching of prismatic electrodes from material webs moving at up to 100 m/min:

  • Flexible punch shapes, A4 format

  • Sharp cutting edges without burrs/fraying

  • No damage to the coating

  • Constantly high speed of the winder drives

  • Max. accuracy in gear synchronism or in cam synchronism when punching

  • Optional detection and marking of flawed areas in the coating

  • Integration into plant network

Your customer benefits

  • Easily parameterized standard applications for winders with tension control and punch

  • High-precision slitting quality due to flexible, fast and high-dynamic synchronization of the slitting tools, and jitter-free closed-loop control and measuring probe functionality

  • Drive concept tailored to requirements in each case

  • Competent support from application specialists with technology expertise

Our automation solution