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Factory Automation

Siemens offers a complete package for the battery manufacturing operation of the future with its Product Lifecycle Management and Totally Integrated Automation. A comprehensive portfolio and shared database reduce time-to-market. Modern automation concepts facilitate successful line integration for better energy efficiency and productivity and quality optimization and process improvement through the capture, processing and evaluation of all key performance parameters.

The requirements

  • Quality measurement and optimization
    Typical KPIs coating:
    - Layer thickness measurement (+/- 1µm with α or γ radiation)
    - Area mass (homogeneity)
    Typical KPIs assembly:
    - Electrode surface checking
    - Electrode edge quality
    - Positioning of electrodes when stacking (100 µm)

  • Productivity
    - Transparency
    - Plant availability
    - Identification of bottlenecks
    - Flexibility

  • Energy efficiency

Your customer benefits

  • The factory of the future means the integration of product and product life cycle with Siemens PLM + Totally Integrated Automation

  • Acquisition and evaluation of all important KPIs

  • Tracking & tracing, reporting, plant availability (OEE)

  • Powerful process and system diagnostics, security, Safety Integrated, use of standard components

  • Integration and openness on the basis of PROFINET

  • PROFIenergy for intelligent boosting of energy efficiency

Our automation solution