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Electrode Coating

Very high process accuracy due to maximum precision in the drive control

The requirements

Flexible, double-sided, intermittent strip coating at up to 50 m/min:

  • Homogenous coating thickness of 150-300 µm

  • Tolerance for coating of 1-2 µm

  • Prevention of build-ups at the start and end of the coat

  • Integrated quality inspection of coating thickness, area mass, and surface structure

  • Optional integrated calendering of the electrode (inline)

  • Fast adaptation of the process in the case of quality flaws

  • Constantly high speed of the winder drives

  • Automatic roll change

  • Integration into plant network

Your customer benefits

  • Flexible and fast control of the coating system with SIMATIC S7 for high-precision coating

  • Easily parameterized standard applications for setpoint-cascade, winder with tension control, etc.

  • Fewer rejects due to automatic roll change during operation with reversing winders or goods storage

  • Controllers, drives and motors scalable for all requirements and power ratings

  • Simple and safe integration of quality measuring systems into the automation solution on Profinet based on Standard Ethernet

Our automation solution