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Compression of the electrode material – fast, precise and economical

The requirements

Calender at up to 50 m/min:

  • No damage to the material

  • Precise setting of the gap (+/- 1 µ)

  • Automatic, high-precision gap adjustment

  • 300 tons of pressure at maximum speed

  • Openness for simple integration of online quality measurement systems into the control system

  • Fast engineering and commissioning in accordance with international guidelines and standards

Your customer benefits

  • SINAMICS DCC: Free, parameterizable and tested standard applications for winders, speed synchronization, tension control and main drive

  • Open source code for individual adaptations to the application

  • High quality: precise and constant tension due to motors with low torque ripple for winders with low tension values at low speed

  • High quality due to high-speed PROFINET communication (250 µs) for high-dynamic and precise control of the hydraulic axes at high speed

  • Low wiring outlay due to standard/fail-safe application on one hardware system

Our automation solution