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Kinematics for assembling prismatic cell stacks with maximum speed

The requirements

Cell stacking using 40 electrodes and 41 separator foils at maximum speed:

  • Material handling in the µm range, A4 format

  • Positioning accuracy 100 µm

  • 100% quality inspection for surface quality and position

  • Motion control with high dynamic jerk-free response

  • Time-optimized traverse paths

  • Flexible cell format sizes

  • Integration into plant network

  • Process visualization at the machine/in the control room

Your customer benefits

  • Simple axis coordination and zone definition

  • Predefined gantry kinematics and advance motion simulation in 3D-Trace

  • Optimal combination of traversing speed and positioning accuracy

  • Simple parameterization with standard handling library

  • Simple integration of drives, panels and camera systems

  • Simple integration of fail-safe technology into drive & controller

Our automation solution