SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Modular Motors (IEC)

Diverse range of modular cooling types for maximum flexibility and performance

With a power rating of up to 19 MW, the modular high voltage motors (IEC) cover a wide range of modular cooling concepts, e.g. air/air , air/water heat exchangers, and open cooling. Available in shaft heights from 315 to 800 mm and speeds up to 4800 rpm they distinguish themselves by extremely short delivery times with maximum on-time delivery. This is achieved based on extremely standardized production and testing processes. Even in this power range, motors can be quickly and simply selected and configured using standard engineering tools. Due to their modular concept the motors can be precisely adapted to fit every conceivable application up to 19 MW. It goes without saying that they have the highest reliability even under extreme conditions, coupled with a long service life, low maintenance and high efficiencies up to 98 %.

Modular Motors

Below areĀ four different modular, high voltage asynchronous squirrel cage motors that are well suited to your different cooling requirements.



High voltage motors employing a modular cooling concept. This is complemented with outstanding reliability, a high degree of mechanical stiffness, as well as a weight-optimized and noise-dampening design.

SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

High voltage motors based on a modular cooling concept, with cast iron enclosure. They focus on the essential issues for operation of high power pump, fan and compressor applications, and as a result are cost efficient.

Integrated Drive Systems

With Siemens Integrated Drive Systems you get the perfect match of all components on three integration levels.

Integrated Drive Systems