SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

Maximum power – minimum size

simotics h compact

High voltage motors with cast-iron enclosures for applications in the widest range of sectors. They are extremely reliable and set themselves apart as a result of their very low space requirement, optimum efficiencies as well as low-noise operation.

Degrees of protection

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

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    Your Benefits

    • Lower space requirement and lower weight for easy plant integration

    • Lower operating costs

    • Excellent vibrational behavior, high availability and low service & maintenance costs

    • Exceeds most customer and legislated safety requirements

    • Longer motor lifetime translates to greater lifetime performance of your application

    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Force-ventilated motors:

    0.2 – 3 MW

    Water-cooled motors:

    1.3 – 1.7 MW

    Shaft heights:

    315, 630 mm

    No. of poles:

    2 – 12 poles

    Rated voltages:

    2 – 11 kV (also available as low voltage version)

    Degree of protection:

    IP55 (optional IP56, IP65)

    Cooling type:

    IC 411, IC 416, IC 71 W

    Explosion protection:

    Non sparking, Zone 2, Ex nA
    Increased safety, Zone 1, Ex e
    Pressurized, Zone 1, Ex px
    Dust protection Ex tc


    • High power density and compact design

    • Optimum efficiency

    • Bearings, enclosure and rotor are designed for the highest degree of reliability

    • Low noise level

    • Innovative cooling for uniform temperature level

    Applications – by industry

    industries oil gas siemens

    Oil & Gas

    industries chemicals siemens

    Chemical and Petrochemical

    industries mining siemens


    For oil & gas applications such as pumps and compressors SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are available in high- and low temperature design, resistant to corrosion, designed for high impact loads, explosion proof zone 2 (Ex n), explosion proof zone 1 (Ex p, Ex e), and fulfilling all important specifications for the oil & gas industry, e.g. API, Shell, BP, Exxon, etc. Also available in a water-jacket cooled version for limited space and salt water marine environment found on offshore platforms.


    For chemical applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, and extruders, SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are available with certificates for explosion protection Ex nA, Ex e, and Ex p, as well as a water-jacket cooled version for limited space and chemically aggressive environments.

     Pumps Fans Extruders

    In the mining industry SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact addresses applications with extreme climatic and industrial conditions, such as conveyor belt systems and crushers.

     Conveyors Mills Pumps
    industries marine siemens


    industries fiber siemens

    Fiber Industries



    For shipbuilding applications such as thruster or onboard pumps, fans and winches, the SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are available with marine certifications from all of the known marine classification societies e.g. ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, and RMRS. It is also available in water-jacket cooled version for limited space and salt water marine environments.

     Thrusters Fans Pumps Winches

    In the pulp & paper industry, SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors cover various applications such as refiners, winders, pumps and fans.

     Refiners-Winders Pumps Fans

    In the cement industry, SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact is suitable for various kiln, mill and fan applications, such as primary crushers, raw mill drives, raw mill ventilation, kiln drives, exhaust fans, cement mill drives, and cement mill fans.

     Kiln Drives Mills Fans Crushers

    Water & Wastewater

    industries metals siemens


    Power Generation

    Power Generation

    In the water industry SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are used in main pumping stations for raw water intake, drinking water supply, irrigation supply and long distance water transport as well as high pressure pumps in reverse osmoses desalination process.

     Pumps Fans-Blowers

    In the metals industry SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are mainly used for pumps and fans in the auxiliary processes.

     Pumps Fans-Blowers

    In the energy sector SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact motors are focusing on coal mills and the various pump and fan applications in the power plant, such as coolant pumps, boiler fed pumps, district heating pumps, fresh air blowers and ID (induced draft) fans.

     Pumps Fans-Blowers


    High efficient Water Plant


    Siemens delivered 33 H-compact motors for distillate, brine, and seawater pumps with a capacity of between 300 and 642 kW.

    Water treatment Plant

    Water treatment Plant

    Securing the water supply in one of China’s largest water treatment plants also with four H-compact MV drives (900 kW).

    Solid Foundation

    Solid Foundation

    Siemens provided a comprehensive drive and control solution for the Cement Plant in Upper Egypt.

    Compatible Converters