Extremely rugged asynchronous IEC slip ring motors with high power density

Ruggedly built asynchronous IEC slip ring motors are highly compact thanks to their high power density and the interior slip ring compartment. The modular cooling system facilitates flexible matching to specific applications.

With their small construction volume, small space requirement and low weight, the special feature of our rugged asynchronous slip ring motors is their compact construction. Because cover and motor housing are decoupled, they are easy to service and install. Thanks to the modular design of the cooling system, they can be integrated in any system configuration, and thanks to their low noise emissions they also fulfill the strict industrial safety requirements.

Series 5

simotics hv asynchronous slipring motors

Asynchronous IEC Series 5 slip ring motors cover the power range from 0.3 to 8 MW with modular cooling concepts such as air/air and air/water heat exchanger or open circuit. They are suitable e. g. for mill applications with fixed speed drive systems.

Integrated Drive Systems

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Integrated Drive Systems