Flexible, customized and user-friendly

With the web-based drive engineering tool you can quickly find the solution for your particular drive application: Menu-prompted workflows specifically guide you when you are selecting and dimensioning products and drive systems – including accessories.
Via an integrated queryfunction, SIZER WEB ENGINEERING can also provide you with customized special solutions for applications that cannot be addressed using “Standard Products”, i.e. where the focus is on flexibility and a customized solution.

Currently the following product groups are supported:

  • High voltage motors

  • Low voltage motors

  • Medium voltage converters

  • Low voltage converters

  • DC technology

Further, the following drive systems can be selected/dimensioned:

  • Medium voltage systems

  • Low voltage systems
    - Simple, single-axis applications for pumps, fans, compressors
    - More complex applications (precondition: SIZER for Siemens Drives has been installed)

Comprehensive documentation such as data sheets, starting calculations, dimension drawings, quotation documentation – to name just a few – are a fixed component of this tool.
The result: customized solutions for your drive tasks.


Sizer Web Engineering
For example Starting calculation

System requirements include Internet access as well as a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer from V7.0, Firefox from V3.0).
SIZER WEB ENGINEERING is available for use 24h/365 days after registration and release.