ZAPEX gear couplings are the right connecting components for use in harsh operating conditions like those that drives in the iron and steel and the cement industry are exposed to. They stand out for their particularly high performance combined with compact structural design.

ARPEX all-steel couplings are free of circumferential backlash. They are suited for high and now, thanks to the new N-ARPEX, also for particularly low ambient temperatures. As the best-performing coupling of its type the N-ARPEX sets standards of torque, speed and fitness for use.

Your benefits

  • Thanks to a large number of different series and sizes low-, medium- and high-performance drives are provided for and special customer requirements can be met.

  • Our torsionally rigid couplings are independent of the direction of rotation and therefore suitable for reversing operation.

  • Highest standard: ATEX 2014/34/EU certified

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