Innovative DC-DC Converter

General description

With the SINAMICS DC Power Converter Siemens starts a new generation of bi-directional DC-DC converters. It combines profound knowledge of DC technology with the advantages of the SINAMICS family. When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, SINAMICS DCP is second to none.

The SINAMICS DCP is a scalable DC-DC converter, suited for industrial applications as well as for multi generator applications. It is a combined buck / boost converter in one unit. Overlapping voltage areas at the in- and output are possible. The SINAMICS DCP DC power converter enables the realization of energy storage systems using for instance batteries or Supercaps.

Thanks to the high switching frequency SINAMICS DCP comes along in a very space-saving design and less weight. Due to the high efficiency, the overall energy grid feed-in is maximized.

PROFIBUS interface is implemented as standard communication interface. As an additional interface PROFINET (CBE20) or EtherNet/IP can be added. The BOP20 basic operator panel is available for commissioning and local operator control.


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    Overview technical data

    DCP 30 kW

    DCP 120 kW

    Voltage range:

    0 V - 800 V DC

    0 V - 800 V DC

    Max. voltage range:

    1000 V DC (Imax = 5 A for 30 s)

    920 V DC (with derating)


    30 kW @ Ue = Ua = 600 V DC

    120 kW @ Ue = Ua = 600 V DC


    4 x parallel, Input and/or Output

    4x parallel, Input and/or Output

    Supply voltage external:

    24 V DC, I = 5 A

    24 V DC, I = 20 A

    Max. efficiency:

    > 98%

    > 98%

    Temperature range:

    0-40 °C, up to 55 °C with derating

    0-40 °C, up to 55 °C with derating

    Installation altitude:

    up to 2000 m w/o derating

    up to 2000 m w/o derating

    Protection degree:




    38 kg

    118 kg


    660 mm x 545 mm x 155 mm
    (incl. fixing lugs)

    900 mm x 500 mm x 205 mm


    IEC 62109-1, EN 61800-5, EN 61800-3


    CE, cURus, EAC, RCM


    • Bi-directional buck and boost converter in one unit

    • High efficiency up to 98,6%

    • High switching frequency

    • Compact: control unit and chokes built-in

    • Software features:
      - Voltage Control (even in parallel operation)
      - parametrizable battery load characteristic
      - DC link buffering - fast supply of DC link from battery in case of power fails to maintain uninterrupted operation of a
        connected motor
      - Variable switching frequency (optimizing efficiency)
      - Built-in MPP Tracker to maximize yield of Photovoltaic field
      - Three overload profiles (only available for DCP 120 kW)
      - PV array flying restart: the no-load voltage of a PV array can be drawn into the continuous running duty range of the
      - New industrial communication interface EtherNet/IP
      - Temperature controlled fans (only available for DCP 120 kW)
      - Parametrizable heat sink temperature: derating of switching frequency, derating of current or switch-off

    • Functionality can be expanded using SINAMICS components e.g. Active Line Module

    Customer benefits

    • Optimized adaption to energy storages and the inverter DC link due to the combined buck and boost function in the same unit

    • Bi-directional: energy flow in both directions

    • Space-saving due to high switching frequency

    • Stand-alone operation due to built-in control unit

    • Can be used as adjustable voltage source due to voltage control

    • Overload capability: realizing peak shaving applications

    • Highest process reliability due to voltage surveillance on the DC link which keeps the voltage level constant in case of a damage of the power electronics

    • Temperature controlled fans enable efficiency optimization and energy efficiency in partial load operation

    • Maximum power yield due to built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker)

    • Limitation of PV field no load voltage to DC link level

    • Parameterizable battery load characteristic to optimize the adaption to the battery

    • Built-in choke reduces space and engineering efforts

    • Integrated systems from one source, well-known and easy operating philosophy from SINAMICS drives family

    • Different infeed sources (solar, wind etc.) can be connected together to realize a multi generator system

    • Operating in systems with photovoltaic or drives applications possible, due to fulfilled standards

    Applications SINAMICS DCP

    • Industry:
      Peak shaving applications e.g. presses or RTGs (Rubber Tired Gantries)
      Peak load buffer in the DC link of drives
      Connecting DC-busses with different voltage levels

    • Test systems:
      Battery test stands
      Battery simulation

    • Marine applications:
      Applications on ships and vessels with battery storage
      Charging systems for eboots

    • eMobility:
      (Fast) charging stations for eCars and eBusses

    • Smart Grid:
      ESS (Energy storage systems) with Wind and Solar systems
      Fuel cell applications
      Control energy to stabilize frequency and voltage of a grid