Device and network diagnostics

PROFINET provides comprehensive diagnostics capabilities.

Screenshot from topology editor with diagnostic displays

By retaining the proven device model of PROFIBUS, the same diagnostics information is also available on PROFINET. In addition, module-specific and channel-specific data can also be read out from the devices by using device diagnostics, enabling simple and fast location of faults.

In addition to the availability of device information, the top priority in network management is reliability of network operation. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has become established in existing networks as the de-facto standard for the maintenance and monitoring of network components and their functions. PROFINET uses this standard and gives the user the capability of servicing networks using tools that are familiar to him.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of PROFINET devices, both locally and also remotely via a secure VPN connection, user-specific web sites in the familiar HTML standard can be created.


  • PROFINET adopts the proven device diagnostics of PROFIBUS with the additional advantage of being able to read out diagnostics entries without an engineering system (with a web server or diagnostic tools, for example).

  • Access to diagnostic information via web interface or directly via UDP/IP with standard mechanisms all the way down to the field level.

  • Network diagnostics information can be called up via the IT standard SNMP, for example. This makes all of the network diagnostics information available, for example, such as information about lost packages or the interface status.


  • Easy and efficient access to the relevant device and network information during commissioning and servicing allows quick clearing of faults.

  • Only a standard browser is needed for trouble-shooting. Thus, service and maintenance can be carried out regardless of the location and engineering system.