SCADA-System for the pharmaceutical and life science industries

SCADA-System SIMATIC WinCC for the pharmaceutical industry

SIMATIC WinCC is our modular SCADA System. It is ideally suitable for all process requirements and covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry - from the operation of individual machines to complete plant operation. The innovative visualization software is characterized by open interfaces and a high degree of flexibility and scalability. SIMATIC WinCC makes it possible to implement a comprehensive operator control solution with uniform audit trail and central message functions. The modular structure allows close linkup of the production environment to the MES system on the basis of SIMATIC IT as well as to the business management systems. This powerful system enables the user to optimize his manufacturing performance and supply chain and make quality into an integral component of his processes.

For machine-oriented operator control and visualization, SIMATIC WinCC offers extensive flexible functions for the documentation of all processes. The innovative enginbeering software inetracts harmoniously with PC systems as well as with SIMATIC Panels. This makes it possible to make compact touch panels ready for configuration by the operator on the machine level. The touch screen solution is connected to a highly effective client/server system and a PC visualization system, meeting the relevant GMP/FDA requirements.