Warehouse & Distribution in the drug manufacturing

We bring "dead capital" back to life

Modern high-bay warehouses have little to do with the way most people probably picture warehouses. They’re efficient way stations on the road from manufacturer to consumer, using the most precise and up-to-date climate control, automation, and building security. The objective, of course, is to handle all stored goods the best way possible.

Together with our partners, we implement high-performance turnkey high-bay warehouses and distribution centers that can be integrated smoothly into enterprise IT systems – in our end-to-end MES solution SIMATIC IT, for example. Combined with RFID or bar-code readers, these systems provide the best transparency and efficiency in the flow of materials – enabling seamless tracking and tracing, as well as markedly faster turnover. We also protect your valuable assets from hazards with:

  • High-performance HVAC systems for flexible, GMP-compliant control of ambient conditions

  • Flexible security systems for building monitoring, access control, and management

  • Intelligent solutions for fire protection and hazard management

Increase efficiency, reduce bound capital, ensure product safety – with Siemens as your partner you can achieve all these goals at the same time. And more: you raise the productivity of all your downstream production logistics, for your best performance yet.