Purification in the chemical API production (Chem API)

Step by step to the perfect active ingredient

Whether you use filtration, crystallization, grinding, sieving, drying, centrifuging, or a combination of individual methods, every last impurity must be removed from chemically active ingredients during isolation and purification.

Whatever method you choose, your process is in good hands when you partner with Siemens. Our sophisticated power supply solutions and proven building technology systems provide constant ambient conditions. We offer scalable network solutions for seamless integration of your components into the process of isolation and purification. And we make it possible to customize automation to meet your requirements, through local SCADA solutions with tailored control systems, or through our plantwide DCS SIMATIC PCS 7, which maximizes process efficiency in combination with our SIMATIC batch recipe automation system.

No matter what degree of process automation you select, you’ll see a clear increase in process quality and product quality. And those are the best conditions for continuously boosting both productivity and profitability.