Parking garages

A parking space management concept tailored to the requirements of hotels offers hotel guests parking convenience and hotel operators efficient utilization of capacities.For both operators and users, our product lines SIPARK SSD and SIPARK PMA make parking spaces considerably more attractive.

The overall system for organizing car traffic in parking spaces is subdivided into two autonomous function units:

  • SIPARK PMA – the entry control system

  • SIPARK SSD – the single space detection and guidance system

Each of the systems is capable of operating autonomously. This means that each of them can be removed or installed as a complementary system at a later stage, depending on project-specific requirements.

Due to the integration of automatic licence plate recognition system – LPR – in the entry control system, specific security requirements can be satisfied.                                         

Fire safety

Difficult environments present particular challenges and also have high safety needs – met and mastered with specialized technology.

  • Parking garages represent a definite fire risk for people and automobiles due to possible accumulation of fumes and particulate matter in the air

  • These conditions subject fire detection systems to possible deception. Exceptional technology including specialized signal analysis meets these challenges and counteracts their influence. Fire detectors set according to local conditions ensure high immunity to deception and reduce risks. Smokeless liquid and gas fires, the influence of sunlight or from other sources; all are detected reliably, indoors or outdoors

  • Our ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) guarantees alarm only in case of genuine need, with acoustic and optical signaling.

Electronic security

The exposed external and environmental conditions of a garage require a robust security solution, protecting the entrance to the garage and the vehicles inside.

Highly durable, weatherproof access control readers located at the garage entrances and linked to the main system control and manage access both in and out of the garage as well as from the garage into the building.Vandal-resistant dome cameras ensure continuous video surveillance to reliably monitor and record traffic flow and provide vehicle security.

Building automation

Demand-controlled ventilation and lighting

Significant savings can be achieved by regulating lighting and ventilation in garages, based on CO measurements and occupancy

  • Passive infrared detectors for lighting

  • Fresh air supply depending on vehicle circulation

Green perspective

Parking convenience and environmental protection together form a modern and energy-efficient parking concept.

For environmental and security-related reasons, no excessive harmful emissions should be produced in subterranean or multi-storey parking spaces. Here, our parking space management can make a considerable contribution. Using the SIPARK SSD parking space management system, search traffic and thus CO2 emissions are drastically reduced and, at the same time, customer convenience is significantly enhanced.

Also, the parking space management system allows unused sections to be closed off, if there is no demand. This leads to lower electricity costs and less wear and tear – another contribution to environmental protection.

IT & communication

In case of an emergency, telephone calls can be easily made from wall-mounted emergency telephones directly to the front desk or operator, even without dialing a number (hotline functionality). Video surveillance and gate control is integrated into our latest IP phones, enabling the operator to remotely manage the access.