Conference and business centers

Conference and business centers place special requirements on building automation and control systems, as well as

Successful conferences, meetings and events do not just depend on how spacious the room is, of what AV equipment or wireless connection is available. The comfort, safety and security of guests are important factors too. To ensure optimal conditions for the attendees and presenters, the various electronic media and room automation systems such as air conditioning, lighting technology, etc, must interact. The intelligent integration of these systems enhances the comfort of participants and the functionality of the room, whether it is in use under normal conditions or in emergency situations.

Fire safety

No interruptions to conferences due to false alarms

Interruptions to business conferences or work in the business center caused by false alarms not only can be very irritating but also significantly influence the sense of safety felt by hotel guests. Siemens is the only company offering a contractual Genuine Alarm Guarantee thanks to Sinteso™ S-LINE fire detectors, so that when the alarm rings, everyone knows it is for real. These intelligent detectors are designed to provide accurate and reliable smoke detection, even in highly ventilated rooms such as conference or business centers.

Our fire safety solutions are designed to not only provide great control about alarm management, evacuation, and even extinguishing functions. Under our Intelligent ResponseTM concept, they also integrate with building automation and control systems, and security solutions to support fire response efforts optimally.

This includes:

  • The blinds automatically go up, lights are switched on to ensure good visibility for occupants

  • Ventilation is automatically switched off to prevent smoke and fire from spreading

  • Emergency lighting is switched on, the nearest exit routes are clearly indicated Video or PC screens automatically display emergency exit routes

  • Multilingual evacuation announcements give clear instructions to guests and staff on what to do and where to go

Electronic security

Even more security for guests thanks to intelligent access monitoring

Our access control systems ensure that only authorized persons have access to the corresponding conference rooms or business center during certain times, whilst giving attendees the flexibility to access the room at anytime, without staff involvement. Equipping the conference and meeting rooms with video surveillance adds an additional layer of security, with cameras and automatic recording triggered by the use of access cards to enter the room. This enables entry attempts by unauthorized persons to be acted upon immediately. 

Building automation

Our "invisible butler" makes guests as comfortable as possible

You can enhance comfort of the conference participants and their performance level through intelligent integration building automation components.

Preprogrammed parameters in the building automation and control system (BACS) adapt and monitor room conditions seamlessly. For example, a scheduled six-hour conference may require the operator to preprogram the climate curve together with the CO2 sensors: The temperature is controlled to 21 °C at the start of the event, lowered slowly to 18.5 °C and automatically ends at 20 °C. This maintains the performance level of the participants

  • A card holder ensures that no energy is consumed when a conference room is not occupied

  • Lighting adapts to the content of a presentation to increase the cognitive retention of the participants

  • In the event of a fire, smoke detectors ensure early alarming, and Intelligent ResponseTM systems support coordinated evacuation.

Green perspective

Guaranteed guest comfort while managing energy efficiently

Energy savings concepts must match desired guest comfort as well as internal workflows. Our building automation and control system automatically controls energy consumption while retaining the flexibility and individuality required for hotel workflows.

The system allows for different pre-programmed temperature settings depending on room occupation. For example, the system automatically switches from Economy to Comfort mode as soon as guests enter the conference room or business center. After the last occupant leaves the room, the system returns to Economy mode until the next occupancy. If a conference room is closed off for bookings, the system activates building Protection mode. The periods between different operating modes can be set freely depending on heating or cooling output and user demand.

  • The card holder in the room helps control power consumption as needed

  • If a room is not occupied, lighting and other electronically controlled equipment (except emergency lighting) are switched off automatically

IT & communication

Flexible and customizable network and communication services, wired or wireless, cover any conferencing or business demand from sophisticated video conferences and collaboration over virtual private conference network to basic telephone conferences. The latest IT security solutions ensure business is conducted as safely as from the office.