Modular design with Component Based Automation

When it comes to project completion times and costs, OEMs and plant builders are feeling a lot of pressure these days. That’s why risk management plays a key role throughout the project life cycle.

By partnering with Siemens, you can put this pressure to your advantage – our Component Based Automation concept fully exploits the benefits of modularization and decentralization.

Based on PROFINET, even highly distributed plants can be automated for high efficiency. With its outstanding compatibility, PROFINET allows you to easily integrate existing infrastructures based on PROFIBUS, even if they originate from different vendors. In addition to this simple horizontal integration, Component Based Automation also supports seamless vertical integration for completely open systems, all the way up to management level.

SIMATIC PC-based automation offers you the flexibility, openness and the performance to secure the highest quality across all processes. The rugged and powerful industrial PCs allow several applications to be integrated, such as open-loop control, visualization and data processing on one platform. Further, for track & trace applications, you profit from the fact that various software packages can be simply connected – for instance, databases and hardware, such as printers, bar code- or data matrix code readers.

As an OEM or plant construction company, you can benefit from uniform standards, fast commissioning, comprehensive options for pre-testing and a variety of process evaluation options. This helps to optimize processes and increase productivity in the long run.