Making dairy operations even more transparent

Do you want to make your dairy operations more transparent? Then we have the right offering to meet your  needs.

The Advanced Process Functions (APF) engineering tool is industry-independent, but offers the ideal functional enhancement for our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system with Dairy Functional Toolset. APF lets you use a range of process-oriented functions that are integrated into the control system.

Do you want to manage materials, material lots, and parameter set data efficiently? Or do you seek the benefits of straightforward storage location management that includes storage location or material searches and material booking operations? Would you also like to conduct job planning and control at the process unit level? And do you also want to ensure seamless and reliable archiving of job-related data for tracking and tracing from reception of raw materials through to packaging of finished goods?

If so; APF will satisfy all of these requirements. Our unique functional enhancement means we can offer you these numerous benefits.

APF uses complete system integration in PCS 7 coupled with unique  tools to deliver effective engineering. The management of production-related data within the system ensures that production is safe and as flexible as possible, while our modular and flexible design means that functionality can be expanded easily at any time.