Cut costs with Optimized Packaging Line

The filling plant and packaging department represent high cost factors on the path to ready-to-deliver dairy packaging. This results from heterogeneous and isolated solutions.

We offer an efficient alternative with our Optimized Packaging Line, the integrated automation solution for dairy filling and packaging lines and machines.

The Siemens Optimized Packaging Line integrates filling and packaging systems in a common automation and communication standard. Our packaging standardization and integration of individual machines delivers cost- and energy-savings throughout the entire production line.

Integration risks are lower and allow the use of scalable production data acquisition and evaluation systems from Optimized Packaging Line like line overview, diagnostics, OEE, tracking and tracing, and energy recording and management. Moreover, the costs of training, operation, and servicing can be reduced significantly with Optimized Packaging Line. Additionally, dairy packaging line efficiency, productivity, and availability during operation are all noticeably improved.