Integrated automation for the best quality malt

While the principle of malting may sound simple in theory, the process of malting can be far more complex. In the first stage, the barley grain is steeped to provide the subsequent germination process with a controlled start. Once germination is complete, the barley is dried in a kiln. The barley should now have the typical flavor and the right color for the particular type of beer.

Modern malt production is almost completely automated to ensure consistent quality. The individual malting processes demand considerable experience among equipment manufacturers and automation suppliersĀ - the kind of expertise that we at Siemens are able to provide based on our years of close association with malters and brewers.

When you automate your malt production process, you can rely not just on our expertise, but also on the intelligent solutions that we offer specifically for your industry. Just one example is our SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, which will help you control the highly sensitive, fully automated processes throughout the entire malting process without compromising flavor.