Solutions for the entire range of requirements for special chemicals

Shorter Time-to-Market due to custom-tailored automation

Regardless of whether you have designed your chemical production to be multi-purpose, continuous or batch, flexible production methods and optimized process control play the key role in your productivity. We provide you with solutions for plant engineering, short development times, and efficient production processes so that you can react to customer needs at any time. The Siemens portfolio for special chemicals ranges across all levels, from the field to the ERP system, across all sizes of plants, from the test laboratory to the interconnected plant units, across the entire process chain and across all phases of the lifecycle of your chemical plant.

Our experts will support you with detailed process analyses, plant safety issues, and the integration of package units into the control system. Thanks to the scalability and integration capability of SIMATIC PCS 7, recipes and procedures can be developed and tested in the laboratory and then seamlessly integrated into the production process. This significantly shortens the Time-to-Market. In order to be able to achieve consistently high quality, Siemens motors, meters, and process analyzers are integrated into the automation. The availability of this measured data and all of the information in the automation, batch or MES system also ensures transparent processes, reproducible batches and thereby the necessary flexibility for special chemicals. This will also help you meet your documentation obligations at all times. With our comprehensive range of products and systems for automation, instrumentation, gas analysis, switching and drive technology, we are contributing to process optimization, thereby increasing the performance and profitability of your chemical plant.