Fault-free production of fibers and films

Increased productivity and quality thanks to flexible, efficient automation solutions

In continuous production processes in fiber chemicals, the productivity of the overall process is decisive for economic success. A maximum degree of automation characterizes both the process component and the manufacturing component in, for example, fiber production, refinement or spinning. The Siemens range of solutions is optimally designed for both worlds, DCS/BATCH as well as PLC. It is based on the consistent networking of information and ranges from instrumentation, through switchgear and drives, right up to human machine interfacing (HMI), or complete manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Open communication standards enable connection of specific instrumentation and package units for maximum cost effectiveness. Our drives and motors such as SINAMICS and MASTERDRIVES stand out for their high dynamic response, synchronous operation constancy, and high-speed control response. Speeds of up to 8,000 revolutions per minute, or also the immediate restart of individual machines, are crucial to meeting delivery deadlines. Our automation systems can also safely satisfy requirements with regard to tracking processes, and assuring quality with maximum flexibility. They include Asset Management, Condition Monitoring and maintenance concepts for avoiding standstills. And if support is indeed necessary, we offer process-related consulting, spare parts supply, and service and support around the clock. The benefits are obvious. With Siemens, you are implementing seamless vertical and horizontal integration of your production system. And that pays dividends: through greater plant availability, lower operating costs, shorter Time-to-Market, and higher security of investment over the entire life cycle of your chemical plant.