Automation solution for industrial and municipal biogas plants

Our automation solution for web-based operation of one or several networked biogas plants has been designed for larger plant topologies. This could be a wastewater treatment or waste processing plant combined with a biogas plant, or a municipal association operating several biogas plants.

Central operation and monitoring, long-term archiving and diagnostics of the biogas plants are carried out using SIMATIC PCS 7 client/server architecture. The individual biogas plants are equipped with standard PCs with Internet access which link up to a central web server as web clients.

The local controller consists of SIMATIC PLCs with remote I/Os of type SIMATIC ET200M/S/iSP. These are connected to the central server over Industrial Ethernet, ISDN/DSL or Telecontrol.

Savings potentials through plant optimization

With such large networked plants, there are many possibilities for improving the economy of the biogas plant. TIA and TIP provide the full scope of diagnostic options, since all field devices, automation and drive components are monitored. Optimum maintenance, condition monitoring and asset management reduce your TCO. At Siemens, asset management also includes inspection of the mechanical plant components such as motors, pumps, valves and heat exchangers since these are usually more susceptible to faults.

The advanced process control functions integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 permit determination of the optimum working point, thus enabling a sustainable quality, a reduction in the energy requirements, or an increase in production output