Collection of tasks PAL 2012 – program examples

ShopMill and ShopTurn program examples for the collection of tasks for CNC milling and turning according to PAL 2012

PAL 2012

For the two collections of tasks CNC milling according to PAL 2012 and CNC turning according to PAL 2012 the external SINUMERIK trainer Hans-Peter Moser took the time to program the examples in ShopMill and/or ShopTurn. You will find the program examples, the complete list of tools, the simulation screens and also a printout of the individual programs as PDF in the download. The IHK Region Stuttgart has been kind enough to authorize this.

The program examples for turning were generated in SinuTrain 6.3 Ed.4, and can also run under SinuTrain Operate 4.4 Ed.2. The examples for milling are for SinuTrain SINUMERIK Operate 2.6 SP1 HF1 and higher, as here it is also possible to simulate multi-surface machining.

What is PAL?

PAL stands in German for the examination and training resource development department of IHK Stuttgart. This has been in place since 1948. For commercial-technical careers, PAL sets up and provides the written, practical and integrated intermediate and final examinations. These are developed in technical committees and working groups together with a large number of voluntary members. A comparable quality standard is guaranteed throughout Germany as a result of the standard examination periods and content. This also allows trainees the highest possible degree of flexibility and mobility when selecting a career anywhere in Germany.

Download program examples

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