SIMATIC WinCC DataMonitor (TIA Portal)

Display and evaluation of process states and data


The WinCC DataMonitor is used for displaying (view only), analyzing, evaluating and distributing current process states, historical data and alarms from the process database. With the DataMonitor, WinCC process data can be made available to all function levels of a company via the web. Powerful tools for displaying and evaluating current process states and historical data (measured values, alarms, user data) from the process database allow the efficient monitoring and analysis of production and reports to be created and distributed to the people concerned.


Suitable protective measures (among others IT-Security, e.g. network segmentation) have to be taken up to ensure a safe operation of the plant. You find further information about the topic of Industrial Security on the Internet under


  • Display and analysis of current process states and historical data on office PCs,e.g. using the MS Internet Explorer or MS Excel

  • No additional configuration overhead, because screens from the WinCC project are used directly

  • Evaluation via centrally administered templates for detailed analyses of the company processes, e.g. reports, statistics

  • Creating event-controlled or time-controlled reports

  • Information from the process can be individually compiled online during runtime (information portal) and distributed to different recipients via e-mail

  • User administration with user groups and individual access rights, reading, writing, and creating of WebCenter pages


For displaying, a DataMonitor client can be installed on any office PC. The data provider, a WinCC WebNavigator or a WinCC DataMonitor server can be installed on any WinCC single-user system, server or client. Specific functions of the DataMonitor client can be implemented without installation. Tools for the full scope of functions can then be downloaded from a download area.

The DataMonitor and its tools
For visualization and evaluation, WinCC DataMonitor provides a range of Internet-capable tools, which support all of the popular security mechanisms such as login/password, firewalls, encryption, etc.:

  • Process Screens
    The Process Screens function is used exclusively for monitoring and navigating using WinCC process screens with Microsoft Internet Explorer as the "View Only Client".

  • Trends & Alarms
    Trends & Alarms is a tool for displaying and analyzing logged WinCC process values and alarms as trends or in tabular form via predefined web pages.

  • Excel Workbooks
    The Excel Workbooks are a logging tool for displaying alarms and current or logged process values in an Excel table for analysis and display via the web or as a print template for reports.

  • Published Reports
    Published Reports automatically create print jobs from WinCC reports and prepared Excel Workbooks, which are initiated in either a time-controlled manner (e.g. at the end of a shift) or in an event-controlled manner (e.g. when a WinCC tag is changed) and are distributed by e-mail, if applicable.

  • WebCenter
    The WebCenter is the central information portal for access to WinCC data via the Intranet or Internet. On a WebCenter page, the user can configure his own screen views from the WebParts and save them.

  • User administration
    Administration of DataMonitor users in user groups with individual rights for reading, writing and creating WebCenter sites.

Licensing as required
The licensing is server-based, which means that it is done on an existing WebNavigator or on an additional DataMonitor server. Depending on the license selected, the DataMonitor software package for the DataMonitor server contains 1, 3, 10, 25 or 50 client licenses. The number of client licenses describes the maximum number of simultaneously active clients. Any number of clients can be connected. PowerPacks are available for upgrading the number of simultaneously active clients.