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Siemens provides Kuala Lumpur with state-of-the-art metro trains

The new SBK Line in Kuala Lumpur will connect the suburbs of Sungai Buloh in the northwest and Kajang in the southeast with the capital, beginning in December 2016. The innovative Inspiro trains from Siemens reflect the technologically advanced character of the city while providing a high level of safety and reducing energy consumption.

Initial situation

Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Asia, and as such is in dire need of reliable and efficient public transportation systems to reduce individual motorized transport.

The SBK Line metro project is part of a comprehensive public infrastructure plan to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region. This public mass-transit project, currently the largest in Southeast Asia, is intended not only to give another boost to the Malaysian capital but also to increase the attractiveness of the metropolitan region.

Customer goals

The new metro line will serve a catchment area of 1.2 million residents, with a projected 400,000 passengers traveling on the new metro cars every day. This will substantially reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city. What is more, the fully automated driverless operation will provide a high level of safety and comfort for passengers and will save energy at the same time.

The Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) chose Siemens as a supplier due to the company’s technological expertise in the metro business and its more than 120 years of experience in metro solutions. MRT Corp is a private corporation fully owned by the Ministry of Finance Inc. and will act as owner and developer of the metro systems.

Our solution

Construction of the 51-km-long stretch for the SBK Line, with its 31 stations, is the first and largest part of Kuala Lumpur’s urban development program. Siemens won the order for 58 driverless metro trains from the innovative Inspiro series as well as the complete equipment for two new depots. The total value of this order is approximately €260 million.

The new vehicles for Kuala Lumpur are based on the new Inspiro metro platform with fully automated driverless operation and a prizewinning design. Siemens will produce a total of 58 four-car trains in conjunction with a local partner company in Malaysia, which will help develop local expertise in the country.

The vehicle was developed in accordance with the latest crash and fire protection standards, and the car body has increased compressive strength. The low operating and maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption, and use of natural and recyclable materials offer benefits for operators and the environment alike. The lightweight aluminum car structure, the new demand-controlled air-conditioning, and the weight-optimized chassis reduce energy consumption.

Instead of the usual poles and rails, Inspiro offers an innovative and distinctive support in the form of a stylized branched tree, called Lightree, which several passengers can hold onto while maintaining a comfortable distance. The Lightree also symbolizes the environmental concept behind the Inspiro design, from the completely recyclable aluminum car body to the durable interior materials.