Always very specific. And always a sign of success

You could write entire books about what expertise means. But high-minded theories don’t make nearly the same impression as personal testimonials. That’s why we want to offer a small glimpse into actual challenges faced by our customers – and how our partners delivered the solution. See for yourself, and let the right Siemens Partner help you with your unique goals. Success guaranteed.


Using waste wisely

Optimal preplanning ensures a smooth project: The Siat Braun sawmill in France now uses large volumes of waste for heating. Siat Braun implemented this project with the help of SIMATIC PCS 7 and the Siemens Solution Partner Evias GmbH.


Migration in record time

Changing gas compressors in just two weeks: A power plant in Neubrandenburg, migrated from SIMATIC S5-95U to SIMATIC S7-1500 in a particularly narrow time frame thanks to the TIA Portal and Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH, a Siemens Solution Partner.

3_CTE_Siegfried Ltd_177x133.jpg

60% more productivity

Successful upgrade of a hydrogenation plant in a narrow time frame: Swiss company Siegfried Ltd turned to CTE ControlTech Engineering AG, a Siemens Solution Partner, for its modernization project. The result: greater productivity and improved reproducibility – all in compliance with good manufacturing practices.


Programming in 5 minutes instead of a whole day

Huge productivity gains through reduced idle time: After the complete failure of a punch press, Louis Sauter AG decided to shop around and turned to Wito Automation AG, a Solution Partner. The result: more precise positioning with much faster programming.


Aging with grace

Retrofit of a system from the 1980s: A well-known copper sheet manufacturer in the United States turned to DAA Delta Technik GmbH, a Siemens Solution Provider, to retrofit its aging stretch-bend-leveling line. The goal was to completely overhaul the system over the Christmas break. Mission accomplished.


Keeping an eye on 53 wastewater pumps spread across 217 square kilometers

Transparency and data security without a comprehensive phone network: The wastewater consortium of Haldensleben, Germany, turned to H&F Industry Data GmbH to upgrade its treatment plant. The Solution Partner implemented a groundbreaking solution using the GSM/GPRS network.


An all-around good reputation, also in wastewater

Successful modernization of a Spanish sewage treatment plant: Orbita Ingeniería, a spanish Siemens Solution Partner, specializes in the realization of projects in the fields of industrial automation, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as IT and telecommunications. Thanks to its expertise, it has a good reputation in many industries.


The first to work with technology of the future

ESA Elektro Automation launched a pilot project with SIMATIC S7-1500 – just as Siemens was introducing the new series. The long-time Siemens Solution Partner from Austria was the first company to be given the opportunity to use the latest device generation from the global market leader – much to the advantage of its customers, who also benefitted from the tremendous performance of the system.