An all-around good reputation, also in wastewater

In addition to technical consulting, Orbita Ingeniería, based in Massanassa, Spain, specializes in the implementation of industrial automation, electrical engineering, automation and mechanical engineering as well as IT and telecommunications projects. In addition to its expertise in the automotive, airport sector and food and beverage industries, the Siemens Solution Partner is also a recognized name in the water industries sector. And deservedly so, as the modernization of a Spanish sewage treatment plant underscores.

The complete solutions scope

Since its founding in 2006, Orbita Ingeniería has designed and implemented a series of important water industry projects. Its scope covers the complete technical range: from SCADA, process control, electrical designs and IT technologies to large telecontrol systems. In the case of the Spanish wastewater treatment plant, Orbita Ingeneria was commissioned to install a control center that would enable the centralized control and monitoring of the individual treatment processes. For this purpose, Orbita Ingeneria implemented a SIMATIC WinCC visualization system that was specifically tailored to the requirements of the customer.

SIMATIC WinCC offers several advantages. In distributed plants such as the Spanish wastewater facility, the system supports easy operation and fault diagnostics with user-friendly displays.

The scope of supply also included a SINAUT ST7cc control center system. In addition, a flexible remote control system SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl records all important events with time stamps. As a result, faults and alarms can be clearly identified and appropriately addressed.