Partner ProgramPartner Program

Top expertise in automation, drive technology and power distribution

Partner network

The Siemens Partner Program distinguishes between Solution Partners and Approved Partners. We currently work with more than 1,400 Solution Partners around the world. Our network of Approved Partners is still growing.

Siemens Solution Partner – Automation Drives


Through Siemens Solution Partners Automation Drives, you can access a uniform global standard of expertise in providing solutions for our automation and drive technology portfolio. These selected system integrators stand for future-oriented, custom solutions of the highest quality that are guaranteed to dramatically improve your competitive advantage. The number of Solution Partners has steadily grown over the years, as has the number of projects. The worldwide acceptance of the program underscores the quality standard that these partners meet globally.

Siemens Approved Partner – Value Added Reseller


Our partners have special skills in addition to sound technical product knowledge. They offer a comprehensive spectrum of Siemens products and systems, ranging from automation technology and switching technology to drive technology and power distribution. These are also available, upon request, as customized packages with added value. In all cases, their portfolio is rounded out with qualified technical consulting, technical support, and specific modifications to meet your individual requirements.

Siemens Approved Partner – Industry Services


It goes without saying that the availability of your machinery and plants has top priority. However, it is equally true that even the best and most mature technologies can sometimes reach their limits and stop performing your tasks round the clock. This is precisely where the service specialists in our network of Approved Partners come in with their individualized support and unique expertise to ensure maximum plant availability.

Regional Partners

In addition to our Approved and Solution Partners, we also work with Regional Partners. They offer products, applications, services and solutions while meeting the specific requirements of your region. Their training and qualifications are geared to regional standards, unlike with our certified Approved und Solution Partners.

The standard of quality

We promote and improve the quality of our partners, systematically and according to contractually defined criteria. We do it for one reason – to ensure the same high quality standards across the globe, so that you can benefit from the same unique competitive advantages everywhere. How can you recognize these quality standards? By the Siemens Partner sign.

Solution quality

In the Siemens Partner Program, our product and system expertise comes together with the extensive applications and industry knowledge of our Solution Partners. The result is first-class solutions with exactly the right products for the specific requirements.

Expert quality

In regular workshops and audits, our Approved and Solution Partners repeatedly demonstrate their cutting-edge knowledge and extensive experience with Siemens products, as well as their quality and project management skills. Additional training in specially designed courses puts them in a position to assess the potential of new technologies and use them to create innovative solutions. We also regularly share our experiences and findings with our partners at the expert level, from which our customers benefit most. And once they have successfully passed system testing, we also certify partner products, ensuring absolute compatibility with our products.

Consulting quality

The close collaboration between with our Solution and Approved Partners generates valuable synergies. You fully benefit from these in the form of the highest quality of consulting for all of your tasks.

Project quality

Targeted collaboration of Siemens and certified Siemens Partners throughout the entire production workflow creates valuable synergies in every assignment. We provide individual support to our partners to ensure the highest level of project quality.

Quality of products and services

Service offering quality is a criterion by which each of our Approved and Solution Partners is measured, and which we are continuously and systematically expanding together with them. Siemens Solution Partners offer comprehensive services for efficient, investment-safe solutions in state of the art technology, from consulting to implementation, operation and service.

Supply quality

The hallmark of our partners is the availability of a broad range of contracted products in their distribution centers, backed by simple and highly efficient logistics processes. They also put together customized packages of products and systems, to give customers everything they need from a single source.

Service quality

With their proven service quality, our partners around the world ensure the highest level of machine and plant availability, applying their unique expertise to help you maintain your productivity.


In response to the very diverse requirements involved in automation and drive technology and power distribution, our partner certifications cover a wide array of specializations. Each of our partners is an expert in the discipline and certified accordingly, in clearly defined competence segments. This certification must be renewed at regular intervals. This ensures that our partners are always keeping up with the rapid pace of technological progress, and that you fully benefit from their superior expertise.


The systematic training and support of our partners by our experts is a core component of our Partner Program. Our approach is individual, meaning that training is always fine-tuned and customized to each specific partner. It is our stated goal to train and support our partners according to the same standards we apply to our own workforce. This is our way of ensuring that when you turn to any of our partners, you can count on the unique expertise and quality that characterizes Siemens as a whole.