The Future of ManufacturingThe Future of Manufacturing

Digitalization as an opportunity in global competition

Increasing digitalization poses great challenges for industries worldwide. New products must be brought to market in ever-shorter timeframes and more individualized, companies must become more flexible and more efficient. All with no loss of quality, or even improved quality, in some cases. Concurrently, digitalization offers huge advantages, which “Digital Enterprises” can already use today.


Grab the opportunities offered by digitalization and gain a competitive edge

Industrial security

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Industrial Security protects industrial plants from cyber attacks. This portfolio covers both plant and network security and system integrity.

Industrial services

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With Industrial Services, Siemens offers both traditional and data-based services to unleash hidden potential and increase performance.

For our customers, the future of manufacturing is already here today

Small production volume – high flexibility

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One machine that can produce low volumes with increased productivity: The Multi-Carrier-System uses an advanced solution from Siemens and OPTIMA to maximize filling and packaging production efficiency.

Showcasing digital solutions for automotives

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The new Maserati Ghibli is one of our digitalization highlights, and a perfect example for the benefits automobile manufacturers are already enjoying as a result of the digitalization of processes.

Digitally controlled


Oil and gas from a depth of 1,000 meters: Petrobras puts its digitally controlled oil refinery for the 21st century into operation and sets new standards for quality, safety, and security.

Automatic instead of manual

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Car door assembly made easy: How Siemens can help automotive manufacturers further automate and accelerate their processes, increase quality, and boost their competitiveness.