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Industrial Networks Education
Your network. Your expertise. Your certification.

Planning and implementing industrial networks and connecting them to a corporate network demands a lot of ability and accessible specialist knowledge. That’s why we’ve developed a training program and subsequent certification that is aligned with international Industrial Ethernet standards. Each certificate documents tested network skills as part of the overall Siemens industrial networks training program.

industrial networks education

Siemens Certified Professional for Industrial Networks (Siemens CPIN)

Certified Engineer for Industrial Networks

This module will provide the profound knowledge of planning, implementing and securing plain industrial networks. You will also receive training on how to integrate these into corporate networks. These training courses are aligned with international standards and ensures open and flexible architectures.

Siemens Initial Training for Industrial Networks (Siemens ITIN)

Basic Industrial Networks Training

This web‐based training course (WBT) will familiarize you with the principles of building industrial networks and the main transmission media, devices, architectures and specialist terminology. We will also explain the structure of standard Ethernet networks using typical examples drawn from industry.

Additionally, the course Ethernet Fundamentals in Industrial Networks will give you a broad overview in network technology and mechanisms which is the foundation of today’s digital communication. Ever heard of the OSI reference model, for example? This course takes you on a tour through all seven layers.