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Siemens Certified Engineer for Industrial Networks (Siemens CEIN)

Four training courses are provided under the heading “Siemens Certified Engineer for Industrial Networks.” You can take part in these separately. We offer certifications for each of the four topics. The qualification is based on the Switching and Routing topics. We recommend you follow this with the Industrial Security and Industrial WLAN topics. Certification is a part of each course and will follow directly at the end. For Switching and Routing there will be one examination at the end of the Routing course that covers the content of both, Switching and Routing. If you don’t pass, you can repeat the test. Therefor Siemens will propose dates. Once you have passed, certification is valid for three years.

Switching & Routing in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE X

As part of the two-day “Switching in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE X products” training course, you will learn how to construct switched network solutions and connect them to real-time-capable systems. This training course expands on theoretical knowledge using practical exercises. It’s designed for everyone who has to deal with switched solutions in an industrial environment – from decision-makers to administrators.

The three-day course on “Routing in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE X products” is aimed at the same target group, and deals with the basic principles of routing communication. Participants get hands-on experience, from troubleshooting to diagnostics.

Security in Industrial Networks

The potential risks facing industrial networks are varied and widely known. This three-day training course “Security in Industrial Networks” shows you how to effectively prevent the consequences of attacks on networks.You gain familiarity with protection strategies and learn how to apply them through specific, practical exercises, and by the end of the course you will be able to accurately assess threats and put countermeasures in place.

Wireless LAN in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE W

Everyone is talking about WLAN and it’s hard to imagine life without it now. The three-day “Wireless LAN in Industrial Networks with SCALANCE W” training course will familiarize you with the special requirements of this technology in industrial environments. The basic elements of the course are performance and security with IWLAN. Like all our other training courses, this also involves intensive, hands-on work.