Charging stations and technology for all-electric cars

Our portfolio includes charging systems that allow electric vehicles to be reliably, simply and quickly charged.

High-power charging systems

We develop high-power charging infrastructures with power ratings up to 350 kW – and are therefore the partner for fast, reliable and future-proof charging infrastructures for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Individual charging stations up to 150 kW

  • Charging for a range of 100 km in up to 10 minutes

  • Prepared for electric vehicles for both today and in the future (voltage level up to 920V)

  • 3 vehicles can be charged in parallel.

  • All of the usual charging standards (CCS, CHAdeMO, Type2)

  • Siemens industrial components (Sinamics DCP, Simatic S7, ECC3000 charge controller) for high availability and low maintenance

Further components

ladeloesungen wb140a siemens

Designed to perfection with easy handling – that’s the WB140A charging unit for the home or semi-public spaces.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Functional design and easy of use

  • Time-delayed charging to use photovoltaic electricity or off-peak tariffs

  • Adaptation of charging current to available electrical system

  • Easy visible LEDs indicate current operating state

  • IP44 protection class