Efficient public transport with zero emissions

A low-emission and energy efficient public transport network demands an appropriate charging infrastructure. Our solutions for e-buses make charging more efficient and affordable, and the use of renewables ensures no local emissions such as CO 2 or noise are produced.

ebus top down pantograph siemens

The top-down pantograph is a fast-charging system that can be mounted on a mast or roof of a bus stop. This flexible off-board charging solution can be used with multiple bus types and differing grid requirements. The idea behind the pantograph is to charge the batteries sufficiently, for example at a terminus, so that the buses have enough power to travel to the next charging station ideally at the next terminus. For fully automatic charging, the e-bus is driven under the charging station, which then lowers the pantograph onto the contact rails.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Wireless communication via Wi-Fi IEE 802.11a based on ISO 15118

  • Four-pole pantograph; PE/isolation control

  • Fully automatic connection and charging system

  • 150, 300 and 450 kW charger capacity

Examples for successful projects - our references

Innovative bus route in Hamburg

elektromobilitaet hamburg ebus siemens

Our charging solution was installed on the bus route of Hamburg’s “innovation line” 109.

Two e-bus routes in Vienna

elektromobilitaet wiener linien siemens

Our charging solutions are helping 12 electric buses to reliably serve two routes in Vienna.


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