Integrated Power System Engineering Software



Low-voltage geographic power system with iso-area for voltages

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    With PSS®SINCAL we offer a comprehensive, high-end power system analysis software solution for all of your power system planning needs. PSS SINCAL provides a full unbalanced power system model for high, medium, and low-voltage grids and supports you in the design, modeling and analysis of electrical power systems as well as pipe networks, such as water, gas, and district heating/cooling systems.

    Through its modular and fully integrated design
    PSS SINCAL enables a high level of customization according to individual needs, making it the optimal solution for all planning tasks in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial grids.

    PSS SINCAL also provides the capability of solving a full range of tasks with its high-quality algorithms optimized for both accuracy and performance. User-defined applications can easily be developed with its object-oriented data model. Sophisticated case and data management facilitate the handling of complex projects including multi-user projects. PSS SINCAL can be easily integrated into systems such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), SCADA and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS).

    With the release of PSS®SINCAL V13.5, the new Integrated Capacity Analysis (ICA) module provides valuable decision support for integrating renewable power generation into your distribution system.

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